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The EAST African Water Aid Canada SWASH Regional Meeting

Water Aid Canada is an international Canadian donor Organization, who supports the three East African countries School WASH initiatives, (Ethiopia, Kenya & Uganda). All the three countries have rural and urban setting school facilities, where partners work both on improving the facilities and at the same time on the software to bring behavioral changes in school children and community.  Water Aid Canada is currently supporting three separate Organizations in each country, which is in total nine different NGOs . The project was signed for 5 years, which is currently moving towards it final year, 2017.

The 2016 regional meeting was the fourth meeting held up to now and it Was held in Uganda, in Fort Portal town, which is about 320 km from Kampala, south-west of the country. The meeting was scheduled to;

-          Review the individual organization’s performance & learn Lessons from each partner

-          Improve the Hygiene promotion activities in the future

-          Learn from the Field visits of two rural school WASH facilities & related activities

Draw action plan for each partner organization for the remaining one project year/period

The major Lessons Learnt:-

The CF-AI’ team after participating in the regional team has taken lessons and has decided to work hard to bring the required change in its School WASH program being held in Addis Ababa by bringing all concerned stakeholders on board to play their respective roles and responsibilities, among which the following are few..

1. Strengthen the partners’ commitment by creating a better working relationship among themselves, which will help to ensure the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of the WASH facilities in schools,

2. Breaking the silence on the Menstrual Hygiene Management issue, which is leaving many female children out of school and

3. Bringing behavioral change in hygiene with school children, which will also have influence on their respective family members.

What makes CF-AI unique is its inclusive development approach in constructing WASH facilities accessible to CwDs and also adapted rooms which enables girls to manage their menstrual hygiene in schools. 

The Foundation will continue to work with stronger partnership to bring the required/needed changes.

Supports   construction  and rehabilitation  of  inclusive  WASH facilities and promotion of hygienic  behavior  and practices  in  the  target neighborhoods and schools  located in   the slam areas of different Sub Cities in  Addis the capital city. Water Can Canada which was recently named as Water Aid Canada has been working with Cheshire Foundation Action for Inclusion for almost one decade to address the Water Hygiene and Sanitation problem of the urban poor residing in different slam areas of Addis. So far, with the support given to address the WASH problem of the poorest of the poor community, young girls and persons with disabilities who were not getting gender and disability friendly service now managed to equally access the facilities in the target schools as well as the community. As a result it has been possible to school reduce the number of school dropout and increase the number of children with disabilities joining school. 

 Inclusive School WASH for urban poor


Inclusive Community latrines constructed by Water Aid Canada