Dessie Project

Dessie project was established in August, 2004 as a satellite site under Bahir Dar project Office. Later on, following the expansion of its activities it has been lifted to the 4th CF-AI’s project Office as of February 2006. Since then, it has been intensively working to improve the health and psycho-socio-economic condition of destitute persons with disabilities specially mothers and young girls with and without disabilities residing in Dessie town through knowledge building and economic capacity enhancement.

The major activities being undertaking by the project are:

  • Awareness raising, Knowledge & skill development for attitudinal change on the issues of disability; (Rehabilitation of PwDs, disability prevention of HIV/AIDS and mainstreaming.
  • Medical/Health service provision to PwDs through referral
  • Education support to children, youth and other persons with disabilities so that they can attend their education in an inclusive manner.
  • Economic Empowerment through Business & entrepreneur skill development for vulnerable women & girls who run income generation activities to make their living better.
  • Provision of Mobility appliances or materials, to Pwds in the area.

Students with Disabilities and the Family/Guardians engaging in income generating activity in Kalu & Worebabo Woredas

The support given to strengthen the resource center of Bistima & Degan primary Schools in Kalu & Worebabo Woredas with the fund from CSSP

The ramp constructed with the support of CBM, in Tigle Frie Primary School, in Dessie Town