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Jimma Project

Agaro CBR is one of the CF-AI’s CBR projects. It started in 2010 with CBM Australia support. The project is providing Community Based Rehabilitation & Inclusion services to PwDs and their families.


 Since 2010, the project served 1008 CwDs with medical, 252 children with & without disabilities with educational & 179 families with economic rehabilitation. Along with this individual habilitation, to make the services more accessible to the target clients, some construction works were undertaken around schools and health centers with a capacity enhancement support given to the Disabled Persons Organization in the town.


With all these services, the target CwDs managed to integrate with their families, peer groups in their neighborhood and schools, many families became economically self-reliant and be able to cover their children’s medical & educational expenses. Moreover, the existing prejudice towards PwDs productive potentials reduced and their participation in different socio-economic development enhanced.       

It is these results which trigger the CBR committee to look ahead & came up with super sustainability strategy that captures the attention of all.

Here is the case. Agaro CBR committee comprises PwDs, their families, community leaders including DPO, govt. office representatives and other philanthropists residing in the town. This representation helped the committee to easily reach and discuss with different groups of the community. The committee 1st registered and secured a license certifying to legally operate as a Community Based Association and to mobilize the community resource, organize fundraising events, register members, collect membership fee and run some other income generating activities etc. with which it can sustain the project,

This happened in 2013 after developing a bylaw that has been unanimously approved by its members. Since then, the Association has registered 86 members (65 male and 30 female). The members so far registered are from families of PwDs, committed government staffs including the Woreda officials, religious and community leaders, business men and known personalities in residing the town. All members are paying a monthly fee they have pledged. Currently the association has collected 43,000.00 Birr in its account legally open at the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia. Now, everybody in the town is happy with the initiative the association has taken. They are registering and pledging to contribute. It is encouraging that more members are joining the sustainability strategy.

 CF-AI is reinforcing the committee’s strategic move to mobilize the community resource for the intended rehabilitation purpose through providing training on some social accountability tools. To make the committee more accountable to the community CF-AI is ready to provide training especially on public expenditure trucking and participatory planning and budgeting. Once the community is clear on; what is to be done, the actual resource needed, how it is going to be mobilized and managed in cost effective manner there is nothing to fear about the project sustainability. To encourage the Association as a model, CF-AI has committed to contribute 10,000 Birr to the association account.




About Cheshire Foundation Ethiopia

Cheshire Foundation Ethiopia recently renamed as Cheshire Foundation–Action for Inclusion (CF-AI) is an indigenous charity organization established in 1985. 

The organization is reregistered for the second time under the recent Ethiopian Charities & Societies Proclamation 621/2009 with the registration No. 0298.

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