It’s the motto used by the Sub City head Ato Germa Beka, while he announce the best implementing CSO partner from the podium. And awarded Cheshire Foundation Action for Inclusion Addis Ababa project with Certificate and honored cup for the work done in WASH sector for addressing more than 40,000 clients both in 9 school and 5 deprived community areas in the last 2 years with a budget of over 4.8mil and 1.25mil respectively.  The certification ceremony was held at the beginning of this month in Dima cultural Hotel with the total attendant of 500 residents and stakeholders operating within the Sub City. 

This is not the only WASH service CF-AI Addis Ababa project is providing in the City. The organization is delivering similar disability inclusive WASH service in Gulele, Nefassilk Lafto and Lideta Sub Cities. In this year alone i.e. 2015, a total of 9 latrines (4 for community and 5 for Government primary schools) have been constructed with an estimated cost of over 4 million. What makes CF-AI’s WASH facilities special is its inclusiveness. They are accessible for all especially persons with disabilities and elders. School girls have been made to have their own separate facilities protecting their privacy. Almost all the facilities are now handed over to the schools and community WASH committee members with enough maintenance training given in the form of capacity building so that the facilities could give sustainable service. After the facilities handed over with all connected to water reservoirs, over 6,000 students and a total of 60 HH in the community are projected to sustainably benefit from the service.