Congratulations!  Go on and Go on!

It is our hope to get you working in different organizations with respect/dignity and contributing to the development of the Nation.

CFAI  provides education support to more than 500 students with disabilities every year through Bahir Dar Program Office, among which 19 ( 5 f and 14 m)  scored quite high results in the National Examination and were able them to join Universities. Among these students, 13 (9 m, 4 f) are complete blind, 3 (2 m, 1 f) are partially sighted and the rest 3 males are with mobility disabilities.

 As usual, CF-AI provided these students with essential materials and also covered the transportation costs of each student up to their University so that they can continue further with their education in the universities.

Our students are hardworking and are graduating from different universities every year. This time, there are many graduates employed and working in different organizations in the country.

One Step Ahead to Success! yes you can!

For details, please, turn on Bahir Dar project or the Lilian Foundation under the Donors